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It's important to us to hear from the patients we serve.

Read what they are saying about their experience with Elam Sports O‘ahu:



“Excellent.  Friendly atmosphere.”                                                                                                                                           -Hector C., Ewa Beach, 01/22/19


“Excellent.  Really concerned with my progress.  (After Physical Therapy,) I can walk without fear of falling down.  I improved on my stability.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Thomas R., Kapolei, 01/24/19


What I can do, or do better, now than I could before starting physical therapy?  “No pain when moving my left arm.  Little bit more flexible now.”                                                                                                                                                                                          -Selvestre S., Ewa Beach, 01/31/19


“I would (recommend Elam Sports O`ahu to a relative or friend), especially if they lived near Kapolei.  (Before PT) I had very little external rotation ability on my left side.  I’m able to do it fully now, if not using resistance.  Much stronger and getting better.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Eric F., Kapolei, 02/01/19


“Excellent.  Yes (I would recommend Elam Sports O`ahu)!  I highly recommend physical service.  I started off at 50˚ bend and present 120˚.  I’m happy and very satisfied that I can perform better.”                                                                                                  -Bianca-Lyn R., Waianae, 02/05/19


“Excellent.  My treatment was never boring!  This place is great and the staff is wonderful.”                                        -Courtney A., Kapolei, 02/06/19


“Excellent.  I would highly recommend (Elam Sports O`ahu).  Because you take the time to know us and our needs.  (After PT I can,) move my arms a lot more.  Have less pain than when I started.”                                                                                                          -Annette S., Waianae, 02/06/19

“Excellent.  Check out Elam Sports.  They’re the best!  (After physical therapy, I’m) back to normal.  Thank you guys so much!  Aloha.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Nathan F., Kapolei, 02/08/19

“Yes (I would recommend Elam Sports O`ahu to a relative or friend), I love this place and will miss it.  Hopefully, I will be able to come back soon.  I need to come again for a while until I get better.”                                                                                                   -Reauthtie Y., Kapolei, 02/13/19

“Very accommodating.  Learned a lot.  My therapist was very knowledgeable in her abilities.  I liked that she used a lot of different tools to help my conditions.”                                                                                                                                                                       -Joan P., Ewa Beach, 02/18/19

“Excellent.  Always accommodating.  J  Location convenient, hours open are very accommodating and friendly staff all willing to help.  (After PT, I have) strengthen posture and more aware of body mechanics.  Thank you!”                                                           -Deborah S., Kapolei, 02/19/19

“Excellent.  I actually came in to P.T. with a negative outlook due to friends, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The staff is professional yet still friendly.  My recovery was 100% a lot quicker than I thought.  Would highly recommend.  My shoulder was limited and painful before starting.  Now I’m pain free and able to get back to my regular exercise program and sleep better as well.”                                     -Joni W., Kapolei, 02/20/19


“Excellent.  Very friendly and helpful staff.  They help me get better.  Didn’t do any paperwork; Elam staff did it.  Always able to accommodate my work schedule.  Exercises help me get better.  The numbness in my fingers were gone after four visits.  Go see (my therapist) at Elam in Kapolei.  She will get you back to work in better shape.”                                                                                                      -Leona T., Ewa Beach, 12/13/18


“Excellent.  Able to move with minimal or no pain.  Initially requested Elam because of prior experience and reputation.  I would recommend over any other rehab I have experienced.  (After PT, I am able to) get up and down from a prone position without pain.  Sure it has helped with my morning walks.  More professional and knowledgeable staff than other PT facilities I have attended.”              -Garland D., Waipahu, 12/17/18


“Excellent.  Each exercise was explained to help me understand my body better.  I was able to learn/know how to do everyday activities after recovery.  (My therapist) explained what and where the exercises helped.  The location is close to Kapolei, easily accessible and the staff is very friendly and encouraging.  The availability of appointments always met my convenience.”                                         -Ayja W., Kapolei, 12/21/18


“Excellent.  Less pain; range of motion increased.  (After therapy, I can) use my affected arm without pain, range of motion greatly improved.”                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Clovita L., Kapolei, 12/27/18


“Excellent.  Very friendly and highly professional staff.”                                                                                                            -Gerald C., Kapolei, 01/02/19


“Excellent.  Everybody’s been wonderful and helpful.  Therapist very knowledgeable.  I feel a lot better, 80%.  (Overall satisfaction with my Physical Therapist) couldn’t get better.  They are wonderful people and you would be satisfied with the outcome.  Very happy with all the employees.  (After PT, I can) walk better and able to stand up straighter and very happy.  I would recommend it to everybody.”  

                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Kelvin M., Kapolei, 01/07/19


“Excellent.  Definitely helped my back.  (Overall satisfaction with my Physical Therapist) awesome!  Feels like home and everyone is very friendly and accommodating.  Very knowledgeable as well.”                                                                                                  -Kristy S., Pearl City, 01/08/19


“Excellent.  Great service, location and staff.  (After PT, I can now do) normal activities with less radicular symptoms.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Joseph K., Kapolei, 01/09/19


“Excellent.  (My physical therapist) is the BEST!  I always recommend Elam.  (I would tell a relative or friend that Elam Sports O`ahu) will help you recover from your injury.  You will be completely satisfied.  I have much better strength and mobility in my shoulder.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Terrie K., Waianae, 01/15/19


“Excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                              -Ron A., Kapolei, 01/16/19


“Excellent.  We rate you 5 stars.  Excellent protocol with the employees at Elam.”                                                             -Leilani L., Waianae, 01/21/19


“Excellent.  I would refer Elam because of the excellent service!”                                                                                              -Heidi B., Kapolei, 11/07/18

“Excellent.  Very helpful and understanding.  Physical therapist are very helpful and friendly.  Also very flexible with schedule appointment.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Chad F., Kapolei, 11/09/18


“Excellent.  Cuzn!  You gotta go here!  (After PT, I can now) stretch shoulder out and strengthen.”                                   -Ralph W., Kapolei, 11/13/18


“Excellent.  Elam has a very professional staff that truly cares about your rehabilitation.  I have utilized their services twice and had excellent results!  Highly recommended.  (After physical therapy) I was able to take my Army Physical Fitness test without issues.  Additionally, all the small motor/motions that use to bother me no longer causes pain.”                                                                               -Joseph B., Ewa Beach, 11/20/18


“Sleeping is definitely better since therapy started.  Still feel some pain, but just need to continue therapy on my own.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Reed M., Aiea, 11/21/18


“Excellent.  Even if you think you can do it on your own, go to Elam as they will take it up another notch.  Staff is friendly, fun and enthusiastic.  (After physical therapy), range of motion is improved significantly.  Pain has gone down 70%.”                                          -Paul K., Kapolei, 11/21/18


“Made me feel priority.  Paperwork was done by doctor, sometimes delay.  Very accommodating to my schedule.  Workout was created to my needs.  Vast improvement from beginning.  Understood my goals and was able to achieve them.  Recommend (Elam Sports O`ahu) due (to) knowledge and understanding of injury and goals.  Wish (I) had more visits.  I met my goals in wanting to pass work PT test.  More mobile and agile.  Stronger and pain free.  I can walk at work faster and longer.”                                                                                     -Sonny E., Kapolei, 11/27/18


“I highly recommend Elam (Sports O`ahu) Therapy.  The therapists are knowledgeable and skilled in their practice.  The environment is clean.”                                                                                                                                                                                               -Ronaldo P., Kapolei, 11/29/18


“I would refer to the one-on-one patient to therapist treatment and the attention to detail while doing the exercises.  Also how you don’t feel like you’re just going through the motions.”                                                                                                                       -Thomas W., Ewa Beach, 11/30/18


“Excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                             -Lars N., Kapolei, 12/03/18


“I have found everyone I came in contact with both friendly and professional.  (After physical therapy) I have less neck pain and better range of motion.  I am definitely sleeping better.”                                                                                                                                 -Jolene M., Kapolei, 12/06/18


“Excellent therapy.  Aloha!  My overall workout was painful at the start.  But they always gave me a positive reason or outlook for my best interest so I just did what they want me to do.  Aloha!  Now – I can do basically everything except kneeling.  I’m doing all the things I used to do before my knee surgery.  I’m glad I did the operation.  Now I feel no pain in my knee.  Take care and keep up the excellent therapy.  Smile!   Jesus loves you.”                                                                                                                                                                          -Dorothy F., Waianae, 10/17/18


“Excellent.  Right knee feels 100% better!  Definitely helped strengthen my hips which in turn helped my knee pain!  Thanks!!” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Lorraine M., Kapolei, 10/17/18


“Amazing with my children.  Can’t thank them enough.  Great stretch ideas to work at home.  Not only do they have great service, but listen to your needs.  They answer any concerns.  Can’t thank them enough.  I could not move and take care of my children.  I was not able to lift things or my children.  Now I am able to do those things and have a better range of motion that I didn’t have before.  I have the right tools to continue to prevent my body from tightening up again.  Thank you again!!” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Rosa G., Kapolei, 10/25/18


“Excellent.  (My therapist) was always engaging and his bedside manner is soothing.  Don’t let that fool you – he can make you yelp with those deep tissue massages – my favorite part.”                                                                                                                                 -Meg D., Ewa Beach, 10/29/18


“Excellent.  Great staff!  Good results!”                                                                                                                                   -Napali W., Ewa Beach, 11/02/18


“Excellent.  Supportive, very knowledgeable, friendly.  Great staff at the desk and therapist.  Very hospitable, accommodating (with scheduling).  Materials given were informative and helpful.  I wish we had more people like (my therapist) and his staff.  Recovered fast because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff.  (My overall satisfaction) 100% - my therapist is the greatest.  I would say (to relatives or friends) that not only will you feel great and recover from surgery but this staff is friendly and informative, knowledgeable but they are sincere, caring and they love what they do.  And that’s why patients improve and walk out a better person leaving then when they first came in.  I love this staff and the facility.  I wouldn’t change anything.  J  I would definitely refer family and friends.”     -Emmeline L., Waianae, 11/05/18


“Excellent.  This is a great place to recover from surgery and/or injury because you leave every visit feeling better physically and emotionally with your progress.  Everyone is kind, helpful and treat you like family.”  What can I do better now than before therapy?  “Pretty much every physical ability.  My walking, standing (posture) and sleeping.  I have worked on strengthening my back muscles, relaxing (stretching) my back, hips and legs.  Everything I have learned at Elam and done with (my therapist) and assistants, I do at home.  PT at Elam has changed my life, I am so happy with my results and their services.”                                                                                                                      -Maka L., Waianae, 11/05/18

“Excellent.  Very friendly.  Very welcoming.  The staff took care of all paper work.  They know all my pinpoints that needed work.  This facility will be highly recommended.  I now have more maneuverability and seem to have more strength and flexibility.  Thank you Elam staff for meeting my needs.  I feel 100% better than I did on day one.”                                                                                             -Samuel P., Waianae, 08/13/18


“Excellent.  They work very hard to get me back to 100% from my injury.  Friendly professional.  I can surf again!  Everyday activities are back to 100%.  I’ve healed completely from the injury.”                                                                                                                  -Laura J., Ewa Beach, 08/14/18


“Excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                   -Hiroko S., Ewa Beach, 08/16/18


“Excellent.  If I ever needed PT again, I would definitely come back here.  (My therapist) was very attentive and knowledgeable.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Bobbie L., Kapolei, 09/10/18


“Excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                        -Tamyra T., Kapolei, 09/11/18


“Friendly and efficient.  The back pain I had for months is gone.  My flexibility has improved greatly.”                        -Chris L., Ewa Beach, 09/18/18


“Excellent.  Everyone was awesome.  Loved the service and training.  Rehab went very well.  (After PT,) mobility is much better.  Strength is/will allow me to start running and prepare for physical test for the military.”                                                                        -Shane G., Ewa Beach, 09/19/18


“Excellent.  Best workout that ease my pain.  I thought that the physical therapy and my exercise went well through the workout exercise routine.  The exercise worked well in controlling my recovery during the period.  I no longer feel my discomfort when I run/walk during my exercise routine.”                                                                                                                                                                           -Gerald D., Honolulu, 09/28/18


“Excellent.  I was already greeted in a wonderful friendly manner!  Staff is wonderful and helped me feel better every time I visited with them.  Great exercises to do in office and at home!  Schedulers were amazing.  (My therapist) is very knowledgeable and very helpful with treatment options.  I am feeling so much better and know what I need to do to help my back in the future.  (My therapists) are fantastic!  Totally 100% recommend them!  Elam Sports is a great place to get great physical therapy to help you feel better!  I will and already have recommended you!  (After therapy,) I can hold my baby/feed him without having pain.  I can rotate while driving without pain.  I can sleep better and move around doing normal activities without pain.  I can’t thank (my therapist) enough!  He is fantastic.”                      -Ashleigh O., Ewa Beach, 10/04/18


“They’re awesome and care.  No improvement needed.”                                                                                                                   -anonymous, 10/09/18


“Excellent.  AWESOME STAFF.  A friendly place to recovery, educational, helpful, respectful, willing to help.”                -Marvin Y., Kapolei, 10/12/18

“Excellent.  They target the area that is giving you problems, and all the exercises are for that area.  For me, it was core and lower back problems.  Also individual help was excellent!!  (After PT,) I can do plank and other core exercises much easier, get up and off a chair or the toilet much better.  I just feel generally stronger!!”                                                                                                               -Barbara B., Waianae, 07/25/18


“Since I started PT for my hip at Elam Sports, I do great.  Walk better and function well enough to do all my job.  I’ll recommend Elam.  They do great job.  Thank you so much!”                                                                                                                                                  -Pedro C., Waipahu, 07/26/18


“Excellent.  Great place.  Very friendly.  Very professional and compassionate.”                                                             -Maritza B., Waipahu, 07/30/18


“Excellent.  Always greeted when entering; nice goodbye when leaving.  Got results from Day 1.  I know the team at Elam would be me back on my feet stat!  Everything (paperwork) was taken care of for me.  Great availability in 5 o’clock hour!  I’m confident that I can get back to my normal activities shortly.  Very pleased, thank you so much!  They really care about getting you back to doing all the sports / activities you were used to before the injury.  You tell them what you like to do and they make sure you have the skills to get back in shape for it!”  What can I do better after PT?  “Everything.  When I started, I was having trouble getting in and out of my car, going up and down stairs, even putting on my own shoes.  I can do all those things with ease now and I look forward to getting back to hiking and biking soon!  Thank you all so much!!”                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Brittany W., Kaneohe, 07/30/18


“Excellent.  Very professional at all times.  Did water and land exercises.  Was awesome!”  Ease of paperwork?  “Everything was taken care of before I got there.  Appointment times met my needs.  At the end, I received exercises I could do at home.  They were very thorough in the exercises to do them properly.  I feel great and feel that they gave me individual attention to all my needs that I would get better.”  Overall satisfaction with my PT?  “GREAT!”  Would I recommend?  “Definitely.”  What can I do better after PT?  “The daily exercises to engage me to strengthen and activate certain muscles to have less pain.”                                                                                                   -Ruth C., Pearl City, 07/31/18


“Excellent.  Friendly staff, very knowledgeable and clean.”                                                                                                  -Kamalani L., Kapolei, 07/31/18


“I’ve learned a lot on what kind of exercise I need to do in order for me to get better and stronger.”                   -Rhodora O., Ewa Beach, 08/09/18


“Great place.  Friendly people.  10/10.  Would come again if I’m injured.  I can now do pull ups and I feel a lot more stable in my shoulders.  Thank you for everything.”                                                                                                                                                         -Isaiah L., Ewa Beach, 08/09/18

“Excellent.  Very helpful (front office staff).  Great (overall experience).  I’ll just tell (relatives or friends) I recommend how good and experienced the staff is here at Elam Sports.”                                                                                                                     -Reynaldo G., Kapolei, 06/29/18

“Excellent.  Staff from beginning to end was always professional and friendly.  Excellent service.  I recommended that my surgeon refer all his patients to Elam!  In the past I have gone to other PT services and stopped after 2-3 sessions due either lack of PT’s knowledge, care or uncaring of my wellbeing.  This is the first place that I felt comfortable!  Thank you!”  What I can do better now than I could before starting PT?  “Drive!!  Move or rotate my neck / head without pain!”                                                                                                -Nani T., Ewa Beach, 06/29/18


“Excellent.  The staff went into depth of my injury and explained the exercises I needed as well as every day activities I needed to watch.  (After physical therapy), I have full range of motion and strength in shoulder.  As well there is no constant pain in my shoulder every day.  I have been able to adjust my posture which improved because the injury made posture bad.”                             -Andrew C., Ewa Beach, 06/29/18


“Excellent.”  Would I recommend Elam Sports O`ahu?   “Yes, because of the good care and convenience.”  What can I do better after physical therapy?  “Stretches, going up and down stairs, less stiff at the beginning and end of the day.”                                -Diana F., Ewa Beach, 07/02/18


“Excellent.  Very knowledgeable.  Outstanding employees.  All personnel had the knowledge to get a patient back to shape.  All employees are very professional and caring in their patients.  Will refer Elam for PT.”                                                                   -Franklin V., Ewa Beach, 07/03/2018


“Excellent.”  What would I tell a relative or friend about Elam Sports?  “Go!  Be prepared to work hard at your own recovery.  Knowledge of staff excellent.  Will help you.  Work hard.  Since my case was pre-op, I’ve gotten a better understanding of my injury and better ways to deal with / relieve the pain associated with it.”                                                                                                                             -Beverly B., Makakilo, 07/10/18


“Excellent.”  Ease in dealing with paperwork…”seamless!”  “I got good results but now it’s up to me to continue what I learned.  (My therapist) spent time required to assess my various conditions, some unrelated to my referral.  (My therapist) provided excellent guidance on correcting my physical limitations.  Definitely go to Elam, but also be proactive about your therapy.”                                           -Frank C., Waipahu, 07/16/18


“Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.”                                                                                                                                       -Jon F., Makakilo, 07/16/18


“Excellent.”  What can I do, or do better, now than I could before starting physical therapy?  “Walk better, clean more.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Carol C., Kapolei, 07/23/18

“Excellent.  I’ve received exceptionally good help at the clinic and with exercises to do at home.  Arm started barely able to move after surgery.  Now I’ve probably recovered 75-80% of range of motion.  I’ve now been able to reach second shelf of dish cabinet and can do almost every motion I need for daily use.  Am still gaining strength.  Pain was a huge issue especially for sleeping and that’s gone now.”          

                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Kathy B., Kapolei, 05/29/18

“Excellent.”  Satisfaction with scheduling appointments?  “Very easy.”  Knowledge of my PT regarding my condition and planning my treatment?  “Appreciate the time taken to understand my situation.  (My therapist) always patient and professional.  Wonderful.”  What I would tell a relative or friend about Elam Sports O`ahu?  “The services provided by the Elam team of professionals were exceptional.  The environment is pleasant and very clean.  Everyone smiles, made me feel welcome and showed their concern for my well-being.  A great physical therapy experience.”  What I can do better now than before starting physical therapy?  “I find that negotiating stairs (up and down) is easier.  Walking distance (1 or 2 miles) is also easier now while it was impossible six or eight months ago.”        -Mary Jane S., Kapolei, 05/30/18

“Excellent.  Courteous.  Great service.  Able to accommodate my time constraint!  (My therapist) is friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  I feel (physical rehabilitation) has made my mobility easier!  Wonderful care and ease of conversation!  I would highly recommend Elam for the quality of care given.  The staff here are friendly and knowledgeable!  My frozen shoulder is getting better.  I’m able to move much better since my initial visit.  Thank you!”                                                                                                                                        -Noreen S., Ewa Beach, 06/01/18

“Excellent.  Yes, this clinic is highly recommended.  Excellent service, friendly staff.  Staff is great in assisting the road to recovery.  :) ” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Gary W., Waianae, 06/12/18

“Excellent.  Awesome service.  Awesome staff.  (After PT, I have) less spasm in right side back.”                          -Kathleen C, Ewa Beach, 06/15/18

“Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  I have a lot more mobility and less pain in my knee while doing physical activity.  I know much more about how to solve my knee pain and problems and can prevent further injury.”                                                       -Christina H., Kapolei, 06/22/18

“Excellent.  They care about your well-being.”                                                                                                                  -George H., Ewa Beach, 05/03/18

“Excellent.”  What can I do better now than I could before starting physical therapy?  “Bend, lift, squat, reach, drive, knowledge about my body.”                                                                                                                                                                                          -Aaron C., Ewa Beach, 05/04/18

“Yes, I would recommend my friends and relatives to come to your facility.  Your services were superb and I really appreciated the massages.  I feel the massages helped me tremendously.  The pain in my shoulder is almost healed and I know that the exercises I’m doing is helping to eliminate the pain.  When I came here the pain in my shoulder was unbearable and throbbed throughout the night.  Now I’m able to sleep well!  The exercises are helping me to eliminate the pain.”                                                                                                    -Grace M., Kapolei, 05/07/18

“Very friendly.  Both were very well informed.  I tell everyone to go to Kapolei Elam.  (After therapy, I can now) walk.”  

                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Susan B., Kapolei, 05/15/18

“Very good one-on-one.  You learn a lot and can improve at home.  All the therapists are excellent with customers and see their passion to improve the quality of your health.  (After physical therapy) I can move my knee, I can bend my knee in full, I can move better without pain.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Roshini S., Waipahu, 05/15/18

“Excellent.  Knowledgeable, caring and friendly therapists and staffs.  Thanks Elam!  You guys are all awesome!  (After physical therapy) I can do more house chores and have fun with my grandchild!  Thanks for making me feel better!”                               -Divina A., Ewa Beach, 05/16/18

“Excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                     -Gilad A., Honolulu, 05/17/18

“Excellent.  Like family.  They work with you (scheduling appointments to accommodate time constraints.)  All therapists well informed.  No hip pain when walking – in better condition.  Makes me want to continue walking and exercising.  Highly recommended, no pushing, take’s one at their pace.  Very comfortable and knowledgeable.”                                                                                             -Agnes M., Waianae, 04/24/2018

“Excellent.  Courteous and very polite.  Exceptional knowledgeable as to how they handle each patient.  (Paperwork was) painless.  (Regarding scheduling appointments) they are very flexible.  (Educational handouts and materials) didn’t receive much but beneficial.  (My physical therapist was) most definitely knowledgeable!  Definitely very knowledgeable in all area and well trained.  Awesome and outstanding personality.  (I’m) not quite 100%, but much more at ease and almost pain free.  (I would tell a relative or friend) they will find a lot of satisfaction in the treatment they’ll receive.”  What I can do now better than before starting physical therapy?  “Almost anything!  Back to normal.”                                                                                                                                                                                           -Joseph L., Kapolei, 04/30/18

“Very satisfied.”                                                                                                                                                                           -Nicholas P., Kapolei, 05/02/18

“Excellent.  Very friendly staff.  Everyone knows their stuff.”                                                                                              -Mark C., Ewa Beach, 03/12/18

“Excellent.  Very accommodating with my work hours.  Feels great to be back to normal.  Very friendly, thorough explanations.  Very friendly services and they make you feel like you never injured yourself.”                                                                               -Khrysteena G., Mililani, 03/14/18

“Excellent.  Awesome therapists!!!  They know what they’re doing and made things/exercises very helpful in my time of healing.  Which I think helped me heal up even faster.  Would definitely recommend ELAM SPORTS to everyone.  (After therapy I now,) slow down my pace.  I always seem to be in a rush.  After going thru therapy I realize that I am 81 years of age and need to slow down to keep from falling again.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Narcissus A., Waianae, 03/20/18

“Excellent.”  What I can do better than I could before starting physical therapy?  “I can turn my head left and right and up and down.  No back pain or neck pain.”                                                                                                                                                                       -Albert C., Waianae, 03/21/18

“Excellent.  Professional people.”                                                                                                                                           -Alfonso R., Waipahu, 03/23/18

“Excellent.  Answered all my questions.  Had to reschedule one time with zero problems.  (Results of PT gave me) more confidence in my abilities.  I have been to a few PT clinics prior to Elam Sports O`ahu and the difference upon completion is night and day for my active lifestyle.  The therapists, facility and staff have always been top notch.  You have a client for life.  Thank you!”     -Stanley F., Waipahu, 03/28/18

“Excellent.  Elam provides excellent therapy by highly trained professionals with true aloha spirit!  (My therapist’s) help and easy to follow exercise program greatly helped me to good health.  I am very appreciative of his calm, professional demeanor that expedites my progress.  Very pleased with his expertise.  (My massage therapist), excellent at her craft.  She has been a joy and pleasure with her skilled hands to make me feel so much better.  Thank you Elam Sports!”                                                                                                      -Noreen T., Kapolei, 03/31/18

“Excellent.  Friendly and informative therapist and staff.”                                                                                          -Iwikauikau M., Honolulu, 03/31/18

“Excellent.  I love that they have a variety of exercise equipment to use to get better.  Most definitely accommodating in rescheduling when I had to cancel and rebook appointments.  (I would tell a relative or friend to) try Elam Sports O`ahu due to they have a friendly and knowledgeable staff regarding physical therapy.  Also their facility have so many difference exercise equipment to help with recovery and rehabilitation.  I would refer them to (my therapists), but overall everyone at Elam Sports is wonderful.  (After therapy,) I definitely can walk much easier, not limping, experiencing no pain like before.  Plus I’ve noticed my strength has most definitely improved from the day I started physical therapy.”                                                                                                                                                                 -Traceylen U., Pearl City, 04/02/18

“Excellent.  The staff made every appointment a pleasure.  From time changes to cancellations, everything was done quickly and efficiently.  Dealing with my injuries from my car accident added some difficulties but they helped me push through and recover.  (After PT), I have more movement and strength in my leg which has allowed me to return to work.  Having struggled with this injury for over a year, I believe that I would not have been able to do it without the help of my therapist.”                                                                              –Paul A., Ewa Beach, 02/07/18

“Excellent.  The therapist did a great job and spent time with me to make things work.  I was very happy with success of my appointments.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                        –William C., Kapolei, 02/12/18

“Excellent.  The Physical Therapist is very knowledgeable, patient and easy to understand.  This helps me recover quickly.  The staff is very courteous and friendly.  I felt that everyone cared about my well-being.  (After physical therapy, I now know) how to have a better posture, how to do strength exercises for my core muscles, how to do proper lifting (and) how to walk properly.”               –Shirlene C., Kapolei, 02/21/18

“Excellent.  Staff has been easy to work with.  Therapist is very knowledgeable and very friendly to work with.  (What I can do better after physical therapy is) moving arm (right) with no pain.  Lifting is much better.”                                                               –Wallace M., Kapolei, 02/26/18

“Excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                –Darryl B., Ewa Beach, 02/17/18

“Excellent.  They were very accommodating with me.  Love them.”                                                                                 -Maria R., Ewa Beach, 02/28/18

“Excellent.  I really enjoy coming here for therapy.  (After physical therapy), I can sleep much better.  Also I’m able to dress myself without pain.”                                                                                                                                                                                            –Theresa K., Kapolei, 03/02/18

“Excellent.  Yes, would definitely recommend the service.  Therapy has helped with my core.  It also helped improve my balance and coordination.  I just need to follow up with my home workouts.”                                                                                          –Brian S., Kapolei, 03/05/18

“Excellent.  (My therapist) is a very knowledgeable and excellently trained therapist.  He is the best I’ve ever had and I’ve had multiple PT personnel.  I’m going to miss (my therapist) and I always recommend him to friends.  (After physical therapy), the hip, leg pain has decreased and I have more mobility in that right leg area.”                                                                                                        –Ruth M., East Wenatchee, 03/07/18

“Excellent.  The Elam staff are super friendly and genuine with the service they provide.  My therapists take great care and patience with your needs.  (After physical therapy,) swelling under knee cap has disappeared with the use of sports tape which helped reposition my knee cap to the correct place so I can be active again without pain.”                                                                                                 –Nicole O., Ewa Beach, 03/13/18

“I would recommend Patrick, Ashley and the Elam facility.  Very helpful, professional, friendly.  (After therapy) I can sit/stand for longer periods of time.  I still get pain episodes or do something to ‘tweak’ my back but seem to recover better and more quickly than before.  I’m more confident regarding the aqua exercises and floor stretch exercises I do on my own.  Thanks! :) ”                 –Nancy H., Kapolei, 01/26/2018 

“(Staff on phone and in-person) awesome.  …Staff were excellent.  Nicole was awesome.  Great therapist.  Was very motivated.  Staff was very efficient.  I was very satisfied with scheduling.  (Educational handouts were) very easy to follow and understand.  Nicole knew exactly what I needed.  Results were able to do a lot of walking and pain was less.  Nicole is awesome!  I would tell friends and relatives to come and try this therapeutic and rehabilitative service!”                                                                                                                                 -Marie A., Kapolei, 01/26/2018 

“Excellent.  Nicole was very friendly and put me at ease.  (I would tell a relative or friend) that everyone is very friendly and really wants you to improve.  (After physical therapy, I can now) move arms more fluently out and overhead.”                                  -Jaime A., Ewa Beach, 01/31/2018

“Excellent.  Excellent therapist with teaching techniques; down to earth, simple to understand.  Able to do paddling activity without pain.  Mark and Nikki were excellent customer service front desk staff.  Mark assisted too with warm-up exercises.  Dr. Nicole Powell able to break tasks in concise and visually easy to remember exercises plus printed materials she gave at the conclusion of each visit.  What a pleasure to meet Dr. Powell and your team.”                                                                                                                                          -Edna H., Makakilo, 02/03/2018 

“Excellent.  Friendly on the phone and welcoming in the office.  Very satisfied (with physical therapy).  (Dealing with paperwork was) very easy.  Great explaining my pain and cause; graduated plan to improve use of my knee.  Renewed confidence in using my knee and knowledgeable to avoid future injury.  Amazing!  I’ll be recommending Elam and Dr. Patrick.  Coming to Elam, I not only received PT, I gained knowledge about simple adjustments I could make to relieve strain on my knee, learned many strengthening exercises and most importantly regained the confidence to return to my normal activities and get back to the gym and fun! :) ”                  -Bernadette A., Waianae, 02/03/2018 


“Always friendly and courteous.  I know I still have a long way to completely heal but, with all the knowledge and skills gained I am confident I am capable of maintaining my exercises and recovery soon!  All of the people that worked with me, were patient, informative and professional.  The staff is highly knowledgeable and trained to help you in customizing a program that will get you back to your job as soon as possible.  They are also friendly and patient.  (What I can do now better than I could before physical therapy?) 1. I can walk a whole lot faster.  2. Feel like I have built up a little more strength and flexibility, compared to when I first came in for PT.  3. I have also learned new ways of safely exercising without reinjuring or over exerting myself.  Also ways of stretching in between and also when pain starts.  I have found that this helps relieve some intensity of the pains.”                                                                                                            -Velma K., Ewa Beach, 02/05/2018  

“Excellent.  Always greeted and treated in a friendly helpful manner.  I started out and was in terrible pain.  I left pain free.  Staff took care of everything (paperwork).  Never had a (scheduling) conflict.  I was always properly informed and instructed.  Super knowledgeable.  I feel I was in the best hands and best of care.  Top notch.  No more pain.  Met all my goals.  Extremely satisfied.  I would request (Patrick) again if I ever need to return.  I would say to use Elam as they can be trusted to return you back to health.”                                        –David H., Kapolei, 1/03/18 

“Excellent.  Very nice people and great service.  I would be honored to recommend Elam to all my family and friends.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Hail E., Kapolei, 01/09/18 

“Excellent.  Came in at high level of back pain 8ish; now very low sub 4ish.”                                                                       -Keith S., Kapolei, 01/09/18 

“Excellent.  Very friendly; everyone tried to get to know me.  Tried to push me to do my hardest.  Improved my arch and helped me walk better.  Everyone is friendly and pushes to make you do harder.  Very informative.  (After Physical Therapy I) can walk better.  Can stand for longer times.  Better at foot mobility and feels less sore.”                                                                                                -Sadie C., Ewa Beach, 01/09/18 

“Excellent service/rehab!  Daily activities have become bearable to do.  I am able to sustain a level of longevity when doing exercises.  Prior to physical therapy, walking/running would be a challenge for just a short period of time.  Now, I am able to walk a long distance without having to stop.  Running is still a challenge, but I am able to run, walk, then run again which is a vast improvement.”          -Craig M., Kapolei, 01/15/18 

“Excellent.  The people here at Elam have been friendly and professional.  I’d recommend Elam to everybody.”        -Chad H., Kapolei, 01/12/18 

“Excellent.  I loved the positivity and family atmosphere.  (Scheduling appointments) was always helpful and easy.  They were very in tune with my needs and took great care.  They all were very competent about what they were doing.  I would tell friends and family to come here because my experience and care I received here was awesome and they really cared about my situation.”           -Leon C., Ewa Beach, 01/24/18  

“Excellent.  Had goals set coming in – met all goals.  The therapists work with you to help in areas that you feel you need to achieve therapy goals.  Balance is better.  Physical movement has improved.  Learned many exercises to do at home to keep improving my physical movement.”                                                                                                                                                                                    -Peggy A., Kapolei, 01/26/18 


“I would recommend any of my friends and family to Elam Sports.”                                                                                            –anonymous, 12/13/17 

“Excellent.  I come visit this place in bad shape and now I’m all pau and can walk straight.”                                        -Tommy B., Mililani, 12/12/17 

“Excellent.  I had a difficult schedule to accommodate – they had no problem filling my needs!!  Thank you!  (Knowledge of Physical Therapist for my condition was) excellent!  I feel great!!  (Overall satisfaction with my Physical Therapist):  The Best!!  This is my second go around.  I will not go to any other place!  You guys are the best!!  I can raise my leg beyond 90◦.  The numbness and tingling has decreased.  My overall health and well-being has improved.  Decreased pain in back and left leg.”                                                                 -Sandra M., Waianae, 12/12/17 

“Always happy to see me.  Always happy and assisting.  No issues (with scheduling).  Always a step ahead till my next visit.  My left shoulder feels much better.  Maria- I like the push overall the best.  I would tell everyone if you need P.T. go with Elam Sports.  See Maria.  Pain first started 8-9; pain leaving finished 0-1.  Overall service was great here.  Worked with other PT Trainers.  Thank you to everyone’s help, my shoulder feel good with 0-1 pain.  It’s still cracking.  We can work together to get me fixed.  Thank you for all you guys do!” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Ernest G., Kapolei, 12/18/17

“Excellent.  Will recommend to family and friends.  Very friendly place and good people to work with.”                    –Taleni S., Waianae, 12/19/17

“Excellent.  I would recommend (friends and family) to come here due to the friendly environment and a speedy recovery.  They also work around your schedule.  I can do daily ankle strengthening of what I have learned from Physical Therapy in my daily routine.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Shayleen M., Waianae, 12/19/17

“Excellent.  Always helpful.  Feel much better.  No problems (with paperwork).  Always accommodating (with scheduling).  Jamison was amazing.  I feel so much better.  I would definitely come back to Jamison if needed PT again.  Helpful, nice, professional – I would recommend Elam.  No more pain/discomfort in my neck/shoulders from car accident.  Sleep is better.  Activity is back to normal.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Mandy F., Kapolei, 12/27/17

“Excellent.  Happy face.  Excellent job.  Very accommodating.  Knowledgeable.  Recovered very well.  Outstanding.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Fortunato C., Kapolei, 12/28/17

“Excellent.  Did very good.  My back is great.  Make it a little more demanding.”                                                           -Terry C., Ewa Beach, 12/29/17


“I would recommend your services to anyone.  One of the best in therapists and equipment.”                                                                 -anonymous

“Excellent.  It’s good.  They help get your body back into good working condition.  I learned that you can use different movements that put less pressure on your joints.”                                                                                                                                                        -Julius B., Kapolei, 11/07/17

“Excellent.  Would recommend.  Just happy to be able to go back to work. :) ”                                                                -Michael T., Kapolei, 11/07/17


“Excellent.  Great place for Physical Therapy.  Friendly dedicated staff.”                                                                       -Leonard K., Waianae, 11/14/17


“Excellent.”                                                                                                                                                                                                -anonymous, 11/20/17


“Excellent.  Excellent job.”                                                                                                                                                                -Fred A., Kapolei, 11/21/17


“Excellent.  I went to another PT company for the same injury and seemed like I was just going through the motions.  Patrick supervised my exercises and made corrections with my motion and posture giving me positive results.”                                   -Thomas W., Ewa Beach, 11/21/17


“Excellent.  Great facility and caring, professional staff.  Here you are not just a client, you are `ohana.  Truly helped me not only physically but mentally put my concerns at ease.  I have a better range of motion in my arms and shoulders.  I increased my upper body strength and can now do 18 push-ups.  Before therapy I could barely do 5.  I also am more active on the basketball court.  I can get up 100-200 shots per session before I could only get up 15-20 before feeling pain.  Truly an awesome staff and dedicated to helping me reach my goals.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Drake W., Kapolei, 11/28/17


“Excellent.  Everyone is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  This is my second time around with Elam (2 different ailments) and both times have been super successful.  Looking forward to getting back on the hiking trails!  Thanks!  (I can now go) up and down steep inclines pain free with absolute control!”                                                                                                                              -Brittany P., Kaneohe, 11/30/17


“Excellent.  Helpful and caring since the day I walked in!  Good instruction on equipment.  Helpful with getting info on my insurance.  Nice to have (handouts) on hand.  (Therapist) helpful and caring.  I’m feeling physically ready to return to activity.  Enjoyed working with TJ and others.  I’m going to try and get my husband here this summer after his knee replacement.  Close to home.  Nice place and people.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Gayle P., Waianae, 12/07/17


“Excellent.  I plan on (recommending Elam Sports O`ahu).  Thank you Ashley and Maria.  (After physical therapy, I have) strengthened pelvis (and) muscle coordination.”                                                                                                                                                 -Jeanmarie S., Waianae, 12/12/17

"My range of motion has improved.  I had terrible pain in my right knee and I still have pain but it decreased a lot.  I could not walk 15 minutes.  However, I am able to walk much easier.  This has been a life changing experience for me...Kyle has enabled me to do things that I have not been able to do in a long time.  The entire staff is friendly and very professional.  They made me feel like family each time I have come in.  I highly recommend Elam."                                                                                                                                                      -MF, Kapolei 05/17/16


Patient Results:  "Walk without limping, stairs with minimal pain.  General everyday movement with minimal pain...Excellent."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -DW, Kapolei 05/13/16


"Excellent.  The services are excellent."                                                                                                                                                 -GW, Haleiwa 05/13/16


"Friendly staff and very knowledgable!  Enjoyed my sessions very much...Intense knee pain is gone 95% and I have more mobility without discomfort.  I also have been taught easy effective exercises that I can do at home.  Thank you."                                       -DH, Ewa Beach 05/06/16


Patient Results:  "1.)   Don't have shooting pain in right shoulder.  2.)  Relief from pain in neck.  3.)  Walking improvement."   -MP, Aiea  05/05/16


"Excellent.  Both my wife and I have received outstanding PT from Maria.  We will continue to recommend family and friends."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -JS, Kapolei 05/04/16


"I can actually do low squats.  I feel stronger not only in my right leg (hip) but both.  I can also walk with no pain and long distance.  I can move more freely and I am more flexible...I'm always welcome with smiles.  I receive nothing but great outstanding treatment.  Not much paperwork.  Always was able to accomodate my schedule.  Excellent knowledge - always attacks the source of the pain.  I feel 100% better.  They all took care of me.  The best physical therapist treatment ever received.  I will come back for more just to keep me in shape."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -HC, Ewa Beach 05/03/16


"I can walk better without pain to my knees, calves or ankles.  My balance has improved also which increases better health and quality of life...When in pain seek therapy quickly.  All of the staff were awesome."                                                                                    -JA, Ewa Beach 05/03/16


"Excellent.  I love the staff, they made me feel comfortable from the start.  They also answered all of my questions and gave me visual aid for my exercises when I asked.  Keep up the good work, making people feel comfortable is a must!"                                            -AM, Kapolei 04/14/16


"I can exercise again.  Sharon really did a great job healing my back and the left side of my chest.  I would definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.  Thank you for everything you guys did for me...Excellent.  I would recommend this place to my family and friends.  You guys did a great job.  Thank you."                                                                                                                                                    -DP, Kapolei 04/14/16


What I can do better after PT?  "I am able to sit and stand for longer periods of time.  I can hold my right arm up above my head without pain.  I can do regular upper body exercises without sharp pains.  I sleep without discomfort or pain at night now...Everyone was so welcoming and loving.  I don't want to leave.  Super easy (paperwork).  (Scheduling appointments) perfect times after working.  (Educational handouts are) very helpful at home use.  (Physical therapists) very knowledgeable.  I am able to go back to regular exercise.  I'm so happy that I worked with Mari and Maria.   The staff here is amazing and the only suggestion is to put a University of Utah flag up. :)"                 -ST, Kapolei 04/13/16


"I would tell (a relative or friend) it is nice, accommodating, very friendly.  Everybody's good...I could move right arm better.  I enjoy companies like Sharon, Reid, everyone.  Thank you so much for your helping me."                                                                       -LA, Kapolei 04/12/16


"Excellent.  Very helpful and knowledgeable, more so than physician sometimes!  Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful."   -JG, Kapolei 04/07/16


"I have more of range of motion and even lost some weight.  I recommend anyone to come here for treatment because the staff are very friendly and willing to work with you if you're having a lot of pain on your visit.  May the Lord bless each and everyone who work here or comes here for therapy.  Amen to all!!!...Everything I have learned here I continue using at home.  Everyone I worked with is very knowledgeable in their job.  I give this score (excellent for the results) even though I know that I will have pain the rest of my life.  I would recommend this facility to anyone that ask me for a recommendation.  Everyone that works here is very friendly and willing to talk to you without any hassel.  Keep up the great work and do not change a thing unless required for your job.  God bless everyone!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -TS, Waipahu 04/05/16


"All Staff Members and Therapists:  During our lifetime, both my husband and myself had occasion to use physical therapists.  Never before have we experienced the professionalism and deep care given along with great expertise on the part of your therapists.  We often praise Elam Sports and Physical Therapy to our doctors, our family and our friends...actually anyone who is interested.  We thank all of you so much and particularly, Mari and Maria.   What a blessing to know that when we walk into Elam, we will not only enjoy our sessions, but we will be helped to the utmost.  Elam Sports and Physical Therapy!!!  The ONLY Sports and Physical Therapy that Works!!!!-MC & MC, Ewa Beach 04/04/16


"The staff, therapist and assistants are friendly, patient and knowledgeable.  The workout and planned treatments were very helpful and very, very satisfying.  The training and video materials will help me keep up with the training for now and for the future.  Location is also the greatest since I live in Makaha.  The center is very comfortable, relaxing, and they play the best 'songs' to workout with."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -DS, Makaha 03/30/16


What I learned?  "Be mindful when having pain.  Listen to your body and what's telling you...Always a friendly greeting.  Learned more exercises.  Staff helped with the paperwork.  Kyle was way attentive to my needs.  Kyle was great.  I would recommend to all of my friends and family.  No improvement needed."                                                                                                                                             -SB, Ewa Beach 03/23/16


"The staff at Elam is very friendly and experienced.  Reid is related to Jason Elam."                                                                    -EK, Waianae 03/10/16


"I am very happy to have been treated here.  My therapist was so instrumental to my recovery.  The email with instructions to do the exercises was and still is instrumental to my recovery.  Thank you for all that was done.  I will continue the exercises until eventually I feel 100% better.  Have a blessed day!  God Bless!...Excellent.  Yes, the staff of people are very courteous and friendly.  They all work like a team, dedicated to their profession and the patient."                                                                                                                                      -EP, Kapolei 03/01/16


"Shoulder:  More range of motion and can hold a higher weight than when I started.  There is hardly any pain where it used to be constant. Knee:  Pain on the side of my knee has subsided.  Can stretch more easily and do not have constant soreness/pain.  I feel much better and stronger after PT...Staff always friendly and helpful.  Instructions clear and exercises (home exercise program) extremely helpful.  Always on top of it.  Extremely helpful.  If you need any PT, Elam is the place to go.  Friendly staff and excellent treatment will definitely help you get better."                                                                                                                                                                                                      -MG, Makakilo 02/29/16


"Before physical therapy, I was in an excruciating pain that I was unable to do anything but sit at home and not do anything.  After therapy, I am now up and about doing stuff that I enjoy with my family.  Cook, swimming and now I can drive my new car!  LOL!  :)  My life is back to being and living a healthy life...Mari is an exceptional therapist that has an extensive knowledge in her professions.  The staff in Elam therapy training facility are very friendly and the environment is very comfortable.  Therapists are very helpful and explain every detail and needs.  I would come again and refer all my friends and family."                                                                                                                     -FT, Waipahu 02/26/16


"Most of the pain is gone.  I can move a lot better.  I think whatever Alex did worked.  I feel a lot better...Alex was very helpful.  She's the best.  Go to Elam.  You will get the best treatment there."                                                                                                                          -EW, Kapolei 02/26/16


"Excellent."                                                                                                                                                                                                 -BO, Waipahu 02/25/16


I can now "lift my arm higher.  Better range of motion."                                                                                                                     -CW, Kapolei 02/23/16


"1.) My calves and ankles feel more relaxed, less tight.  Able to walk long distances without stress/strain.  Legs are less tight.  2.) Less lower back aches.  Exercises help relieve pain.  3.) Proper lifting - learned to position body properly to avoid pain.  4.) Overall, more strength of 'core', more aware of how it can affect healthier body structure.  5.) Knees are stronger.  I can endure long walks and light jogging...I would definitely recommend Elam.  Highly professional, competent yet friendly and down to earth staff.  Maria provides excellent oversight.  Mari was excellent as well; very informative, patient and competent.  Very convenient to my work."                                                      -CM, Aiea 02/23/16


"Absolutely everything has improved.  I am stronger all over now, and I have a better idea of how to work out and how to hold myself.  I am super proud of all I have done and learned.  Now that my neck and back muscles have improved I can continue on my own.  Kyle and David are both very positive and helpful in their approach.  Julian has also been very motivational.  I will never forget my experiences here and would recommend this physical therapy organization to anyone who needs help.  Everyone has been caring and helpful.  Who could ask for more?  Oh and Mari - I will never forget our dancing days!  :)...I would most definitely recommend Elam to anyone who needs help.  The care you receive is so worth the discomfort because the benefits are forever. The quality of care is outstanding."                     -BC, Makakilo, 02/19/16


I have "way better flexibility, range of motion and core strength.  I can do much much more than I could prior to therapy.  Therapy was great, the increase in intensity and difficulty were timed to assure that every session was challenging, but never more than I could accomplish if I worked as hard as I could...Without hesitation I would refer anyone to Elam for therapy."                                                           -JW, Mililani 02/17/16


"Before, I did not know how to deal with some of my pain to decrease it during the time it elevated from physical activity.  I learned when to slow down or stop from increasing pain as much as possible pending the circumstances.  Basically, I was given tools to implement in helping me to relieve some pain and to help strengthen myself.  I know it will take time to get where I want to but with the tools I was taught it will help me as a guideline for the future.  I would like to thank the staff of Elam for all their help and care with helping me improve my life.  Mahalo nui...Professional, kind and courteous.  Always showed attention.  Took the time to reschedule my appointments with no problems.  Answered my questions and concerns.  Physical Therapy worked well for me.  Yes, I would recommend Elam to friends and family."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -AH, Ewa Beach 02/05/16


What can I do, or do better, now than I could before starting physical therapy?  "Walking straight, balance is much better, bending, twisting.  Have improved my strength...I would recommend you to other people due to the results I have found."                             -SH, Waipahu 02/01/16


What I can do better than before therapy?  "Strengthening exercises, proper way of stretching, squatting and other exercises, bend over without back aches, squat low without pain (knee), climb stairs without knee pain...Go to Elam Sports - Kapolei.  Very professional PT sessions, friendly service.  I would recommend Elam to anyone needing PT service."                                                                 -MH, Kapolei  02/01/16


Results?  "More comfortable standing upright with no pain.  More balance, better and walking with no pain...Kyle is knowledgeable and personable.  Staff aware and worked with financial limitations.  Good folks."                                                                                  -JR, Kapolei 01/29/16


"Your telephone notification works very well...all services should use one.  The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and I have almost full use of my legs and I'm happy...Good easy to get to location and knowledgeable staff."                                                             -GB, Waianae 01/29/16


"Before therapy I had a stiff neck (pain), unable to be flexible.  After all my therapy I'm able to be more flexible, it helped me be more motivated to do stretches before my walk.  Now I lost about 8 pounds due to walking / stretches.  All the therapists were patient and nice...  Excellent.  Very knowledgeable and willing to be objective and listening to what the client says."                                               -SA, Kapolei 01/27/16


"Excellent.  Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable with helping with the problem...I now have an understanding of what I can possibly do to improve and/or prevent further discomfort."                                                                                                                                 -DS, Honolulu 01/26/16


"Better balance, move left knee without pain.  Doing more different types of exercises to strengthen different muscles.  More flexibility.  Excellent."                                                                                                                                                                                                    -CF, Kapolei  01/20/16


"My neck doesn't hurt as much.  More range of motion.  I can sleep better and not wake up with a stiff neck...My brother also came here for his knee and highly recommended Elam.  I would do the same!"                                                                                                 -SS, Ewa Beach 01/19/16


After physical therapy, I can now "walk, bend, lift heaver, sit longer...ELAM SPORTS THERAPY THE BEST.  I told my doctor - I want to go only to Elam Sports therapy - because I knew they could get me back to 100%."                                                                                        -CC, Kapolei  01/14/16


"I can move in a better motion when I walk, my back feels a whole lot better.  My hips are not as tight as it was.  My lower back pain finally went away.  Thank you for all your help...Excellent.  Very friendly, nice staff."                                                                           -TK, Ewa Beach  01/13/16


What can I do better now better than before PT?  "Understand the different stretches and their benefits.  Different exercises to help the core, back, legs, glutes.  Learn better balancing.  Breathing.  Great PT's!"                                                                                           -DK, Ewa Beach  01/06/16


After physical therapy, I can now "sit for longer periods without pain; sleep and turn during sleep without pain; much less pain during normal activities."                                                                                                                                                                                                -JN, Ewa Beach  12/29/15


"Not taking pain pills as often.  Pain is more tolerable...Excellent.  Therapist is helpful."                                                            -BM, Kapolei  12/18/15


"I can walk, run, and sleep without pain now!! :)...Maria is an excellent physical therapist and a huge asset to Elam Sports!  Tyler was great and always went out of his way to make me comfortable!  The ladies at the front desk are awesome too!  Friendly and efficient." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -JA, Kapolei  12/16/15


"This place is absolutely fabulous.  I could not bend after surgery but with Maria and Tyler's help, guidance and instruction - I can bend, stretch and flex.  These two therapists are phenomenal!!"                                                                                                                 -AS, Kapolei  12/14/15


What can I do now better than before PT?  "Start exercising!  Keeping up with the stretches and exercises that I have been doing since I started PT...Everyone is so nice and willing to assist with your needs.  Also being taught different ways to assist with your problem."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -TB, Kapolei  12/11/15


"My overall flexibility has for the most part re-generated.  Also, there is a lot less pain less frequently than before physical therapy.  My healing experience has been a great one, mostly because of the caring and knowledgeable staff.  Thanks again!...Excellent.  Great staff; they don't quit on you until you tell them to."                                                                                                                                        -NM, Ewa Beach  12/09/15


"Today I started doing my 30 minute walk with no knee pain or hip pain!  I'm able to do squats with no knee pain.  I will miss the smiles, chats and friendship I've gained my past 10 visits.  Thank you so very much for all the support!  Happy Holidays...Wonderful therapists!  Enjoyed working with all!  Yes, I would definitely recommend Elam to anyone needing PT."                                                                -MR, Ewa Beach  12/07/15


"I can jog, jump, go hiking long distances, ride a bike, live life more comfortably!! :)...Kyle understood how badly I wanted to get back to my active lifestyle - and got me there!  All the staff is very friendly and helpful.  I had some reservations before starting as I had tried PT before and was not helped.  I'm glad I gave Elam a shot because now I feel better than ever!"                                                         -BP, Ewa Beach  12/02/15


"I can bend my knee much much better without pain...Julian is a great therapist."                                                                     -SK, Waianae  12/01/15


What can I do now better than before PT?  "Everything...Excellent...I will recommend to all friends and family."             -BL,  Ewa Beach  11/30/15


"Perfect the way the staff is with customer service and assistance.  Great environment, very friendly, very caring and they have always worked around my schedules to make it to my therapy.  Highly recommend to my friends and family.  Very much `ohana!"  I can now "walk longer distance, get in and out of bed without any pain and struggles, stand up long periods of time, walk better, going up and down the stairs, continue to go back to work, continue therapy when I need to, fast pace in walking."                                                                  -LG, Kapolei  11/12/15


"Excellent.  I think the service is great.  I'm doing a lot more in movement with my arm and PT has helped me a lot."           -JS, Mililani  11/11/15


"I am now bodyboarding and walking again normally and have increased muscular strength in both my legs.  Also my knees are better at bending and my ankle has no pain at all when I am flexing my flippers and I really feel ready to go hiking and/or rock hopping again."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -DW, Kapolei  11/02/15


"I feel the overall strength in both of my shoulders is greatly improved.  There is no longer the constant sensation of the joint stopping and muscle fatigue during my work is much less...The support staff is wonderful.  This place is great.  Everyone is friendly and cheerful and very professional."                                                                                                                                                                                          -JY, Ewa Beach  10/30/15


What can I do now better than before physical therapy?  "I can swim...The pool is excellent - people are terrific."              -DK, Waianae  10/29/15


"I can finally move my whole left arm freely.  And I can finally dive.  Now, I can get back to soccer and be ready for high school season!  :)"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -NL, Ewa Beach  10/28/15


What I can do now better than I could before starting physical therapy?  "Lifting weights, paddling, everyday chores."  Staff is "very friendly and knowledgeable.  Very understanding with work schedule.  The staff here are very friendly, caring, knowledgeable and understanding.  They are supportive and understand what you are going through and how you are feeling, which makes you feel hopeful and optimistic that you will get better."                                                                                                                                                                                     -GY, Kapolei 10/27/15


"I can bend all the way forward.  I am much stronger and more flexible.  I have my life back!!!  Best most productive therapy I have ever had!!!  ...Excellent!!  This is where I would send anyone who needs therapy!!"                                                                                          -SM, Kapolei  10/23/15


"I can do straight leg raises better.  Gaining strength and flexibility, endurance while performing exercises that were taught to me.  When I experience tightness and/or pain from sitting at work, I take breaks every hour to do stretch exercises and walk for 10 minutes or so to relieve the numbness, tingling and pain.  Overall feeling better than before.  I just have to remind myself to get up and walk and stretch.  Keep mobile and smile.  :)  Thank you to the Elam Physical Therapy Team for taking the time and effort into making my experience a positive one! ...Elam team of DPT, PTA, ATC are very knowledgeable and caring to the needs of their patients."                                           -MG, Kapolei  10/23/15


"Elam Sports is a friendly and educational business.  They have knowledgeable therapist who work hard to help you achieve better health... 

My transfers are strong, balance is stronger and spasms are less.  The therapist have given me many exercises to strengthen and manage my MS."                                                                                                                                                                                                           -JS, Ewa Beach  10/21/15


"Great Team!!  Ted is extremely knowledgeable and precise in his technique.  I have already referred a number of persons to your clinic as a highly professional establishment staffed by highly trained and skilled therapists who really care for the patient."            -LD, Waianae  10/21/15


"I have full use of my knee, I'm able to stand longer, walk further, bend my knee and balance on one leg."  Ease in dealing with paperwork? "Office staff did everything....I feel confident to do things like before surgery.  I would highly recommend your practice because of friendly and personable staff and location was perfect for me coming from Waianae."                                                                            -LE, Waianae  10/19/15


"I definitely can walk faster and am more stable.  My flexibility is improved.  Overall my daily activities are more easily done.  With the passage of time and coordinating PT into my schedule, I no longer walk with a cane or crutches.  I have less pain in my daily activities and a more positive attitude...I would tell anyone who wanted to listen that Elam is a great place to rehab.  Everyone is professional and helpful."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -MO, Kapolei  10/18/15


After therapy, "I can tie my shoes, carry in groceries, walk for 45 min and deadlift 115 lbs!...Awesome.  Very knowledgeable (therapist) and insists on learning.  I would tell my friends to seek out this clinic.  Staff is caring and respectful to all.  If you are seeking rehabilitation Elam Sports is an amazing resource."                                                                                                                                                                   -MC, Aiea  10/16/15


What can I do now better than I could do before coming to physical therapy?  "Strengthen my ankles by doing the exercises that were given to me.  Work on my balance...Excellent.  Awesome people and good work environment.  Thank you!"                                      -CF, Waipahu  10/16/15


"I can strengthen my core with various exercises to relieve tightness and control pain level...I would definitely recommend Kyle.  Very consistent in treatment planning, personable, easy to work with.  Assesses each visit as to progress for recovery.  You have a great asset at Elam."                                                                                                                                                                                                        -TF, Kapolei  10/01/2015


"When I hobbled through the door the first time I could barely walk because my back pain was so bad.  Today, my last day, I have no back pain and I can get up from the floor without using something to help me.  For me it wasn't so much the absence of pain that I appreciated.  It was the skill and patience of the people helping me, especially Ted and Kyle.  What they did was teach me the skills and give me the confidence to know that I am in control of my pain and my future.  Now I can do things I only dreamed of before, and I know I can do more than I ever thought I could.  Mahalo."                                                                                                                                                     -JW, Mililani  09/30/15


"I can walk with almost no pain, doesn't hurt to put on my work boots.  Can get out of bed without pain.  Overall pain free."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -DG, Kapolei  09/29/2015


What I can do now better than before starting physical therapy?  "Move!  Especially my leg (R) and back.  I have more strength in both legs to stand longer, walk for longer periods of time without quitting because of too much pain and fatigue in legs or back...This is the place to go if you need to get rehab."                                                                                                                                                                       -CN, Ewa Beach  09/25/15


"Excellent...Better movement in every day life.  There's still pain, but A LOT less.  Seems to be close to normal."              -DN, Waipahu  09/25/15 


"When I first started here in March, it was very painful to walk due to a very sore right, lower back and right knee.  Elam Therapy worked with me to successfully correct my condition.  Now, I am able to take brisk walks uphill with no problem...Mari was extremely helpful and patient with me.  I've been to another therapy clinic in the past and one therapist was handling 2-3 patients during each session, so I didn't get their undivided attention.  What I like about Elam is that it is one on one."                                                                                         -TM, Kapolei  09/21/2015


"To:  Elam Sports Therapy and Staff, Thank you very much for assisting me with the rehabilitation of my tricep injury.  I am truly grateful that I was able to overcome the injury and return to work.  I couldn't have done it without your help.  Mahalo."                        -DE, Ewa Beach 08/13/15


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