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Team Elam

At Elam Sports O‘ahu, sports is not only a part of our name, it's our kuleana!  Welcome to the TEAM!!

Reid P. Elam, PhD, DPT, CSCS  (CEO & Co-Founder/Director)

Susan Elam, BA  (COO & Co-Founder/Director)

Matthew Elam, MS, LMT  (Director)

Chandra Elam, BS, AT  (CLO, Director)

Kahi Elam, BA  (Public Relations & Marketing Director)

Trenton (TJ) Saupan, PT, DPT  (Physical Therapist, Associate Director)

Vince Frias, PT, DPT (Physical Therapist)

Kelsi Hendrix, PT, DPT (Physical Therapist)

Rick Pezzullo, PT, DPT, CSCS (Physical Therapist)

Julian Silverstein, PTA, BS  (Physical Therapist Assistant, Facility Director)

Glenda Shy, PTA, LMT  (Physical Therapist Assistant, Massage Therapist, Assistant Clinic Coordinator)

Evan Nunes, PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant)

Garik Smith, PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant)

Adam Slabicki, ATC (Clinic Athletic Trainer, Certified)

Jessica Lahr, LMT  (Massage Therapist)

Marsha Mahelona, LMT, COTA  (Massage Therapist)

Nathalie Arios, LMT  (Massage Therapist)

Jamie Toyofuku, LMT (Massage Therapist)

Alicia Torres, LMT (Massage Therapist)

Rachel Gallardo, BS  (Physical Therapist Tech)

Jonah Lapitan, BS (Physical Therapist Tech)

Celeste Fajardo, BS (Physical Therapist Tech)

Alyssa Eva, BS (Physical Therapist Tech)

Tristen Dulay (Physical Therapist Tech)

Gwen Viernes (Physical Therapist Tech)

Martin Yao (Physical Therapist Tech)

Vangie Tuazon  (Medical Receptionist)

Marcela Goodson (Medical Receptionist)

Numida Pedro  (Medical Billing Supervisor)

Ethel Bueno  (Billing Specialist, Medical Receptionist)

We Are Hiring!
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Serving With Excellence

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